"Bringing Eternal Life to Music."


Scott Walker

In a 15 year career in motion picture / advert music production and design, Producer Scott Walker has recorded and mixed the scores for feature films and television adverts including the 'Samsung' campaigns for LCD Televisions and White Goods. Scott has also composed for sports giants 'Nike' and many other Production houses such as 'Metra Films' and 'Yellow Fish Films.'

One of Scott's highlights within the media sector was winning the Dutch brewery 'Amstel' campaigns, creating bespoke audio for many of there television adverts.

This has given Scott the experience to score music and effects to video, syncing and creating moods and feelings within a scene or sequence.

Scott has been fortunate enough to have collaborated with directors including Steve Walker, Rick Lenzing, Vassily Kisselev, Cara Hickson from 'Look Films.'

Recent notable work includes audio scores for 'Family TVC', producing unique bespoke arrangements and sound effects for there television advertisements.

Scott has always enjoyed audio production, combining old and traditional techniques to create something different and thought provoking.

Working with artists from the dance industry such as 'Delacy' from the 'Hide Away' fame and 'Mr Dunleavy' from the 'Artful Dodgers' has given Scott a broad range of audio experience to draw on.

If Scott was to summarise his overall audio production capacity, it would be simply based around experience and understanding the clients needs or wishes, seeing their vision and creating a piece of audio fitting for the demands necessary.

Yasmine Walker

Yasmine Walker has had a vast amount of experience within the Performing Arts field. Classically trained in Voice and Piano (Grade 8 ABRSM Distinctions) along with a Bachelor Of Arts Degree, combined with a formal dance training as well as studying drama, Yasmine also teaches music at a Comprehensive School.

Yasmine is also a well established singer / songwriter with a huge catalogue of published tracks on various Clubland and Dance Compilation albums. She has been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to write and pitch her work to many high profile music artists such as: Kylie Minogue, Peter Andre, JLS, Eric Prydz, Jess Wright (TOWIE) Pink & Eminem, to name just a few. She also provides vocals and voice overs for various television programmes on Sky / E4 / ITV as well as featuring on numerous Sony Playstation, Nintendo Wii, Xbox DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) games including: DDR Universe 3, DDR Revolution S, DDR Hottest Party 2 and DDR Disney Grooves.
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